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Jenny Namanworth Smith offers legal assistance to step-parents who want to adopt their step-children.. This legal process can be simple as long as all the parties are willing to cooperate, including the biological parent, or the biological parent's cooperation is not needed under the statutory guidelines. Adoption will legally alter the existing relationships because one relationship is while another one is terminated.

In step parent adoptions, a new legal relationship is created between the adopting step-parent and the step-child. This new legal relationship gives the step-parent the same legal rights and responsibilities as if the child were born to the adopting parent. In contrast, the legal relationship that existed between the child and the biological parent is permanently terminated.

One thing to keep in mind is that in the state of Ohio, a decree of adoption is permanent. Should the adopting step-parent and his or her spouse divorce, the adopting parent can be responsible for child support and maintenance. The adopting parent is also legally qualified to seek custody or child visitation rights.

The child is also legally entitled to inherit from the estate of the adopting step-parent. If the child is adopted by his or her step-father, the child's last name may also be changed to the step-father's last name. Following a step-parent adoption, a new birth certificate is issued for the child, recording any change in last name and listing the adopting step-parent as the child's natural parent.

After a step-parent adoption the biological parent no longer has any legal right to communicate or exercise visitation with the child. The child will no longer have a right to inherit through the biological parent or his/her family. The biological parent no longer has a legal obligation to support the child. Any and all legal rights or duties the biological parent has regarding the child are terminated.

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