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In Ohio, the domestic relations court has a great deal of discretion when deciding whether or not to award one of the parties alimony/ spousal support. Unlike child support, alimony/spousal support is not mandatory by law.

Furthermore, there is no set amount of money or mathematical calculation/equation to determine the amount of spousal support awarded. Again, there is no guarantee that alimony/spousal support may even be granted to a party when a divorce case is completed.

Since the award for alimony/spousal support needs to be asserted in court in front of a domestic relations judge, the skill and experience of your divorce attorney can make a significant difference in the award or rejection of spousal support and/or the amount you may receive or owe.

Factors Affecting Spousal Support / Alimony in the state of Ohio.

A domestic relations court judge will look at a number of statutory factors when determining the "appropriate and reasonable" amount of spousal support he/she will order in each case. These factors are outlined in Ohio Revised Code Section 3105.18.

It's the job of your divorce attorney to ensure that the judge understands how the factors in Ohio Revised Code Section 3105.18 fit with your case. These factors include, but are not limited to:

  • Duration of the marriage and age of the parties
  • Earning abilities and education of each party
  • Lost income capacity resulting from marital responsibilities
  • Physical, mental, and emotional condition of the parties
  • Minor children in the home
  • Standard of living and retirement benefits of the parties
  • Assets and liabilities of each party
  • Financial contribution of one spouse toward the education, training or earning ability of the other spouse
  • The time needed for a spouse to receive training in order to seek employment
  • Tax consequences of an award of spousal support

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