Cincinnati Post Decree Modifications and Post Decree Attorney Motions to Enforce

Jenny Namanworth Smith has successfully represented clients in post decree modification cases. Despite making all efforts to address every current situation and/or future contingency at the time the divorce decree is entered, life can change after divorce resulting in a material change in circumstances. Even after a court ruling or settlement, clients occasionally need to enlist the help of an experienced family law lawyer to litigate changes to previous court rulings or settlements.

In some cases, it is necessary to return to court and ask the court to enforce an order issued by the judge. Such orders include, but are not limited to, payment of debts, payment of child support and/or spousal support, parenting time issues. Other times it is necessary to ask the court for a modification to adjust child support , custody arrangements, or parenting time schedules.

Jenny Namanworth Smith can help you obtain a post-decree modification or a court order enforcing an order contained in the decree of divorce or dissolution or final decree of shared parenting.

  • Clients come to attorney Smith with a variety of concerns such as:
  • Dissatisfaction with a previous attorney's work
    A need to restrain the other parent from failing to comply with a parenting order
  • A need to terminate or modify spousal or child support
  • Re-allocation of parental rights and responsibilities
  • Interpretation of ambiguities contained in the original decree of divorce or dissolution or final decree of shared parenting

Below are some of the more common post-decree modification cases attorney Smith has handled for her clients in the greater Cincinnati area.

Child Support: A child's financial, medical or educational needs may change, a parent's employment situation may change, or a parent becomes ill and is unable to work Jenny Namamworth Smith is experienced and familiar with Ohio law and can help you achieve these necessary modifications.

Spousal Support: Sometimes a client is terminated from his job because the company is being downsized. Sometimes the client's company has to reduce the client's salary to keep the company operating. Or, sometime the client has been injured and can no longer perform his job requirements. Under these circumstances, sometime termination or reduction of spousal support is warranted by law. Jenny Namanworth Smith has years of experience helping her clients increase, decrease, or terminate spousal support orders.

Child Custody: When a parent moves or a child's needs change, a reallocation of parental rights and responsibilities are often necessary. Jenny Namanworth Smith can answer your questions about how Ohio family law views these changes and can help you determine if a modification is necessary or warranted in your case. Furthermore, attorney Smith can help you successfully reallocate the parental rights and responsibilities in your case.

Motions to Enforce/Motions for Contempt: When one party has been ordered to continue paying a marital bill which is in both parties' names and that party ceases to make the ordered payments, a motion to enforce the court's order is warranted. Jenny Namanworth Smith can help you obtain an order enforcing the original order so that your credit is no longer compromised as a result of the other party's non-compliance. Furthermore, if the court finds the non-complying party in contempt, attorney Smith can successfully obtain an order from the Court awarding you attorney's fees and costs incurred by you in having to enforce the court's order.

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