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Dissolution of Marriage

When a marriage ends, the method of terminating the marriage can sometimes have a lasting impact on both spouses' ability to move forward. Sometimes things can be resolved cost-effectively and with little conflict, through dissolution. This is another legal service that the law firm of Jenny Namanworth Smith can offer to you.

Getting a Dissolution of Marriage in Ohio

The Ohio domestic relations courts offer an option that many people find attractive called "dissolution". A dissolution is a joint petition that the parties file with the court that has the same legal effect as a divorce in that the court ultimately issues a decree terminating the marriage. Dissolutions tend to involve less conflict between the parties and are usually less expensive than contested divorces. This is partly because the parties must enter into a separation agreement, and sometimes a shared parenting plan under certain circumstance, before the petition is filed. This agreement resolves all of the relevant issues between the parties, such as the division of personal and real property, allocation of debts and allocation of parental rights and responsibilities, so that the court does not have to step in to make those decisions for you. All of the issues must be resolved in a separation agreement, and shared parenting plan under certain circumstances, or the dissolution procedure cannot be implemented.

In the event the parties cannot agree on the terms of a separation agreement, the parties must resolve their issues and end their marriage through a contested divorce process. This can often result in a more expensive path to an ending of a marriage.

Attorney Jenny Namanworth Smith will help negotiate an equitable and fair settlement for you which will resolve all of the issues concerning the division of assets and liabilities and the allocation of parental rights and responsibilities.

When you face the inevitable termination of your marriage, turn to Jenny Namanworth Smith for personal attention from an experienced family law attorney. Contact attorney Smith at (513) 533-4567 to schedule an in-depth consultation.




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