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Jenny Namanworth Smith understands that children matter most. Attorney Smith is dedicated to helping loving parents protect the well being and rights of their children through effective legal action. Attorney Smith leverages her extensive legal knowledge and experience to get results for her clients.

In Ohio, courts determine custody using the "best interest of the child" standard. In a divorce action, where two parties are fighting for custody of their minor child and/or parenting time (often called child visitation), judges look at a series of factors. These factors include, but are not limited to, evaluating the history of the parent/child relationship and how the child is managing in each parent's care and in the community.

In some custody cases in Ohio, a psychological approach to the case can be an effective tool in advocating for the best interests of your child in a custody hearing. Attorney Smith may recommend a psychological evaluation by a forensic psychologist in preparation for the hearing. The opinion of an expert psychologist who has run tests, performed interviews and observed particular behaviors, is often noted by judges as persuasive evidence when deciding to award sole child custody to one parent or another, or to seek another type of parenting arrangement known as shared parenting.

When your needs — or the needs of your child — change, attorney Smith can also assist with modifying previous child custody and/or visitation orders. Attorney Smith's services can be especially critical when one parent plans to relocate out of the state of Ohio.

When complex child custody issues affect you or your children, turn to attorney Jenny Namanworth Smith. Contact the law firm of Jenny Namanworth Smith, LLC, by calling (513) 533-4567 to schedule an in-depth consultation.




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